Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to work on your garden. Here are new ideas for DIY garden wood projects to bring life back to your lawn!

10 Garden Wood Projects to Add Personality To Your Lawn

My excitement for Spring came with a realization–we need to upgrade our garden! So I talked to my husband Dave about overhauling our garden and he said he was on board, but on one condition–it has to be a really good project! I did my research and compiled this list which I’m happy to share with you. We already have some DIY garden wood projects, so hopefully, you’ll also find a couple of good ones here!


1. DIY Rustic Wheelbarrow

This DIY rustic wheelbarrow is definitely on the top of our list. I’m so happy that Steve Ramsay made a video about this because it simplified the work. I say every garden must have a wheelbarrow filled with colorful flowers!


2. DIY Picket Fence Organizers

DIY Picket Fence Organizers | Impressive DIY Garden Wood Projects
image via Gail’s Decorative Touch

This DIY picket fence organizer is very cute and it’s a project that might make our top 3. It’s easy to do and it’s both decorative and functional (which is what we really like about it). It’s a great way to keep your potting tools in one place and still make it look pretty!


3. DIY Stackable Planters

My husband loves this one, which means he’s definitely going to make it! These DIY stackable planters from HomeMadeModern are perfect for making your own vertical garden.


4. DIY Hose Holder

DIY Hose Holder | Impressive DIY Garden Wood Projects
image via Shanty 2 Chic

For the longest time, our garden hose didn’t have a home of its own. I mean, after use, we just roll it back and place it near the outdoor faucet and that’s that. I’m ecstatic to come across this DIY hose holder from Shanty 2 Chic. It’s genius and looks perfect in our rustic garden! Even if Dave won’t help me with this one, I’m still going to make it!


5. How to Build A Planter Bench

DIY planter benches are a popular DIY project for gardens nowadays, which made it tough to look for something more unique. This DIY planter bench by This Old House caught our attention because of the unusual style and very clean-cut look.


6. DIY Gardening Table

DIY Gardening Table | Impressive DIY Garden Wood Projects
image via Jenna Burger

Pallet wood always makes great simple DIY  gardenwood projects. They’re easy to work with and very affordable. Dave and I liked this one as well. We’ve always stored our gardening tools inside the garage, which can be a hassle to bring in and take out whenever we need it. This DIY gardening table just makes gardening so much easier!


7. DIY Outdoor Pallet Sofa

Although we already have an outdoor sofa at home, I want to share this DIY project with all of you. Using pallet wood, you can make a pallet sofa for your garden with the help of DIY Pallet Furniture’s detailed plans. It’s an affordable way to have a nice, durable sofa in your garden.


8. DIY Hanging Herb Garden

DIY Hanging Herb Garden | Impressive DIY Garden Wood Projects
image via Fresh Mommy Blog

A hanging garden is something we have yet to make so it is a must that we take on this project before spring comes! I’ve been looking at DIY hanging herb gardens for a while now but this one is my fave! Hopefully, I can successfully grow our own herbs from here on out!


9. Cute DIY Garden Wood Signs

Add extra charm to your garden with these DIY garden wood signs that are fun to make! Hollywood Haunter will teach you everything you need to know to make these signs, from wood staining to transferring words to wood. It’s a good tutorial to learn more about working with wood too.


10. DIY Wishing Well

DIY Wishing Well | Impressive DIY Garden Wood Projects
image via HomeTalk

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to put a wishing well in your garden? Dave is still on the fence with this one but maybe if we have more time next month, we’d actually take this project on. We’re not planning to dig a deep hole and make it functional. But we think it’s a great garden decor and the kids will love throwing coins into it too!


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