Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Do you need a wall calendar to keep track of your schedule? No worries. This DIY chalkboard wall calendar will help you stay on top of your appointments and errands!

Make This DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar To Stay Focus

Master your own schedule and countdown to much-awaited events and occasions with your very own DIY chalkboard wall calendar. Say goodbye to forgetting anyone’s birthday or missing out on your kid’s recital with a reminder that’s impossible to miss. Learn how you can maximize your workspace in the best and most organized way possible. Let’s begin!


What You’ll Need for this DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar:


Step 1: Measure the area.

Measure the area | DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Find an area in your workspace where you can paint your custom wall calendar. Measure it by calculating the spacing you’ll need per day, week and month. It’s a huge help to write down your measurements to make your plan easier to follow.

Step 2: Tape.

Tape | DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Use the measuring tape and follow the plan you’ve crafted in step one. Tape your wall following the 2017 wall calendar’s pattern. To save time, make little dots every few inches instead of drawing full lines when you’re taping the spaces. And then, simply run the tape by connecting the dots!

Step 3: Paint your calendar.

Paint your calendar | DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Take your foam roller and start painting away. It usually takes three coats of the chalkboard paint to achieve the best surface. Be patient and wait for the paint to dry before peeling off the tape.

Step 4: Remove the tape.

Remove the tape | DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

When the paint is totally dry, you can remove all the tape.

Step 5: Fill up your wall calendar.

Fill up your calendar | DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar

Your easy and inexpensive wall calendar is almost done. Using the chalk you have, fill up your wall calendar. I highly suggest you use colored chalk so you can color-code your entries and categorize urgent projects, meetings, and even personal trips and holidays. It makes keeping track of your schedule a whole lot easier!


There it is! Your easy DIY chalkboard wall calendar!

DIY Chalkboard Wall Calendar | Easy DIY Projects


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