Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Kick off your Halloween party with these easy Halloween party hacks. These easy and spooky Halloween party food and decorating ideas will give your guests a real scare.

Halloween Party Hacks For A Scarier Holiday

Halloween is the perfect time for you to be creative. Among all the holiday, it’s the most fun you can get decorating your house, and well, everything else. If you’re hosting a Halloween party, I’ve rounded up some amazing yet easy Halloween party ideas for you to choose from. Here’s a great list of Halloween decorations, crafts, and food ideas that will make your neighbors jealous.

But first, check out this fun rubber band paint hack!


1. Cake-pop Eyeballs

Cake-pop Eyeballs | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Bakerella

Make your guests’ eyes pop with this one-of-“eye”-kind Halloween treat. This is really fun and easy to make. If you’ve already made cake-pops in the past, I’m sure these cake-pop eyeballs would just be a breeze.


2. Medusa Ice Face And Hands Punch

Medusa Ice Face And Hands Punch | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Martha Stewart

Creepy drinks are always in demand. I love this Halloween idea of making an ice face and hands by simply freezing water in latex gloves. Then, you can just simply add it to your favorite punch.


3. Creepy Ribs

Creepy Ribs | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via BHG

A Halloween party dinner wouldn’t be complete with the main course. You’ll surely have a scare with this Halloween food idea. Get the recipe for this creepy ribs and don’t forget the red bell pepper and stick a knife into it, and you’re done!


4. Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas

Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Monster Mama

Here’s a great Halloween food idea for you, Jack-O-Lantern Quesadillas! I love quesadillas in parties and I’d love it more with a spooky face. I’m sure you will love it, too!


5. Orange Snack-O-Lanterns

Orange Snack-O-Lanterns | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Pink Parsley

If you’re thinking of a new way to give sweets out, here’s a fruity Halloween idea for you. Carve out some oranges, fill them with sweets, and you’ve got yourself some snack-o-lanterns.


6. Halloween Sodas

Halloween Sodas | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Shaken Together Life

A party is never complete without sodas. To keep your theme for Halloween party, I’ve got a simple Halloween party idea: Halloween sodas to keep your guests ghoulishly hydrated.


7. Strawberry Ghosts

Strawberry Ghosts | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Made It, Ate It, Loved It

Ghosts always make great Halloween desserts. Here’s a simple one for you, strawberries and chocolate. Every sweet tooth will be delighted in this delicious treat.


8. Eyeball Martinis

Eyeball Martinis | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Pineapple And Coconut

If you’re into martinis, here’s the perfect Halloween party drink you can try. Use radishes, grapes, lychee, blueberries or cranberries. Anything you pick will surely bound to be eerie.


9. Halloween Cookie Favor Cones

Halloween Cookie Favor Cones | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via The Simple Sweet Life

These Halloween cookie favor cones will complete your Halloween party treat. Once your party is over, simply hand them out to all your guests. You can even hang it during the party to serve as Halloween decor too.


10. Egg Carton Cup Eyeballs

Egg Carton Cup Eyeballs | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via She Knows

If you can’t get enough of eyeballs like me, grab some egg cartons, a pair of scissors, pen and markers, and you’re all set. These egg carton cup eyeballs would be an excellent Halloween craft for the whole family.



11. Ghostly Refrigerator

Ghostly Refrigerator | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Jean’s Crafty Corner

Haunted houses will never be complete if not every single thing in your house looks creepy. Don’t leave your refrigerator in the dark and turn it into a ghost with this easy DIY ghostly refrigerator. I love how simple this Halloween decoration is!


12. House-O-Lantern

House-O-Lantern | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Jean’s Crafty Corner

Jack-O-Lanterns are Halloween decoration favorites. It can get boring sometimes though, when you always have to do it on pumpkins. If you’re into upscaling your Jack-O-Lantern decor, try this easy-to-follow tutorial of making a house-o-lantern.


13. Pumpkin Spiders

Pumpkin Spiders | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Vicky Barone

An easy Halloween craft perfect for kids. You can make these creepy crawlers just from mini pumpkins and some pipe cleaners. Now that’s a great pumpkin decorating idea!


14. Witch Table

Witch Table | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Bubble Gum And Duct Tape

Need I say more? Don’t look now, but your Halloween party just got bewitched. Know how you can make a bewitching table and make your Halloween party a lot spookier.


15. Dead Witch Doormat

Dead Witch Doormat | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Parents

This dead witch doormat makes a great illusion that will surely spook anyone who drops by your door. An easy Halloween craft you can make with the kids.


16. DIY Pumpkin Light

DIY Pumpkin Light | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Candle Tech

Want a new idea to light up your pumpkins? This DIY pumpkin light is a simple and creative pumpkin decorating idea, perfect for those who just want to enjoy the Halloween spirit without the scare factor.


17. Bloody Candles

Bloody Candles | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Martha Stewart

Halloween decorations are never complete without candles. Get a spine-tingling look by creating the illusion of bloody candles. All you’ll need are some white and red candles, drip some melted red wax on the white ones, and you’re done.


18. Pineapple Jack-O-Lantern

Pineapple Jack-O-Lantern | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Kings Hawaiian

Jack-O-Lanterns surely look scarier with a prickly face and unexpected textures! Try this pineapple jack-o-lantern this Halloween. I’m sure it will make quite the quirky impression!


19. Pumpkin Party Cooler

Pumpkin Party Cooler | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via Kara’s Party Ideas

I didn’t forget your ice bucket. Here’s a smart Halloween party idea for you, a pumpkin party cooler. Fill it with some beers or use as a punch bowl for some mulled cider!


20. DIY Faux Pumpkins

DIY Faux Pumpkins | DIY Halloween Party Hacks
image via A Diamond In The Stuff

Solve the universal problem of running out of pumpkins with this easy Halloween craft. All you need are some ducting hose, paint, and twigs. Voila! You’ll never lack pumpkins to decorate with ever again.


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