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Looking for DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas? We’ll help you prep for the love month with our very own list of Valentine’s Day projects, cards you can make, handmade gifts, homecooked meals, and date ideas for you and your sweetheart!

214 DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas Everyone Can Fall In Love With!

Although this article was made with your partner in mind, I’m a firm believer that February 14 is for everyone! This means that you don’t have to be in a relationship to give a little love to someone you hold dear. Whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a best friend, or a significant other, everyone deserves a token of love. Show them your appreciation with some of our Valentine’s day ideas below. We’ve got loads for you to choose from! Not in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. We’ve got your last-minute valentine’s ideas covered too. Read until the very end to see our special tip for you!

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1. Make Diy Valentine’s Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a luxurious soak in the tub? Bath bombs make a great valentine’s gift, or a fun experience you and your date can do together. We love these heart shaped bath bombs that will fill your tub with roses as they dissolve – how romantic!
What you’ll need for your DIY bath bombs:

Now follow along with the video, or learn how to make a bath bomb in detail here.

2. 9 DIY Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via Simply Sona

I can’t imagine anyone resisting a beautiful vase of  flowers. DIY your own bouquet and give them to your mom. I’m sure she’d squeal in delight! Make your own flower arrangements here.

3. 11 Valentine’s Crafts

Crafts | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via Canary Street Crafts

Sometimes it’s the simplest of gifts that make a difference. DIY gifts instantly become more special because you’ve put a lot of your own time and effort into making the present. That thought alone is already heartwarming enough. Click here for a list of Valentine’s day crafts you can make!

Check out the ultra stylish, “dancing” stone design, exquisite quality and 50% off. Get the perfect Valentine’s gift, the flutter necklace here.

4. 11 Hand Sewn Gifts

Hand Sewn Gifts | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via Nest of Posies

Are you a whiz with a needle and thread? Try your hand at making a few hand sewn gifts! If you’d like, you can even personalize the gifts by embroidering the person’s name on the item. They’d love the extra touch. Read more Valentine’s day gift ideas here.

5. Go on a Romantic Camping Date

Camping Date | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love

One of the best Valentine’s day ideas we’ve had to date involves a camping trip, a day where you and your beau can get away from the city and just gape at the starlit sky. Plus points if you’ve got a campfire and a s’mores kit ready at your disposal! Find more romantic camping ideas here.

6. 11 Sustainable DIYs

Sustainable DIYs | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love

An herb garden is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cooking up a feast in the kitchen. Not only will you save them a trip to the grocery for their favorite herbs but they might even make you a meal or two to show them how grateful they are. Score! Grab your seeds here.  Here’s how to make your next Valentine’s day gift!

7. 10 Cute Gifts He’ll Love

Cute Gifts He'll Love | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via Pretty Handy Girl

I’ve never met a man who doesn’t like hot chocolate. A DIY kit is great because it allows them to customize their drink to their own liking. You can even go the extra mile by personalizing the mug the gift comes with. Want more Valentine’s day gift ideas for him? Check this out!

Make The Menu Ideas

8. 50 Delicious Dishes For Two

Delicious Dishes | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
via Food E File

The way to a man’s heart — or sometimes to anyone’s heart really — is through his stomach! We’ve got a list of drool-worthy recipes you and your beau can enjoy as part of your Valentine’s day feast! For more dishes, here’s our list of yummy Vday dinner ideas for two!

9. 11 Dinner Date Ideas

Dinner Date Ideas | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via Pinch of Yum

Who says you can only get fancy dishes at a nice restaurant? We’ve got some you can make from scratch for your next candlelit dinner. Find your next delicious dinner idea here!

10. 13 Best Homemade Recipes

Best Homemade Recipes | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via Mariah’s Pleasing Plates

Some of our Valentine’s day ideas can be given early in the morning, like this recipe of White Chocolate and Raspberry pancakes. It’ll be an amazing start to someone’s day! For more Valentine’s day recipes, click here.

11. 25 Valentine’s Day Treats

Too Pretty To Eat | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via The Cake Blog

Got a thing for cute desserts? Try our list of too pretty to eat delectables! We’ve taken your favorites and made them Vday worthy and not to mention Instagram-worthy too! Get your phones ready to snap, ladies. #cute Check out all our Valentine’s day treats that look too good to eat!

12. 11 Sweet Treats for Two

Sweet Treats for Two | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via My Baking Addiction

I adore showering the people I love with gifts so I usually prep a few snacks I can give throughout the day. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of seeing someone’s face light up after they realize you’ve remembered them on Vday! Want to do the same thing? We’ve got a list of Valentine’s day recipes you can try here!

13. 10 Last Minute DIYs

Last Minute DIYs | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via vitaminihandmade

Let’s face it, ladies. Sometimes we can’t help but rush our gifts, right? Not to worry, I’ve got just the thing for you! Who knew succulents would be so easy to make? Want more ideas? Here’s a list of last minute DIY Vday gifts you can make. 

14. 7  Vday Ideas Made Simple

Vday Made Simple | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via Real Simple

Sometimes wit and simplicity are all it takes to make a Valentine’s Day gift. Brush up on your pick up lines for February, ladies. It’s time to remind your beau that he loves your sense of humor — no matter how corny it can sometimes be. For more easy Valentine’s Day Crafts click here.

15. Say it with a Love Letter

Say it with a Love Letter | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love

Love letters are one of my most favorite Valentine’s day ideas. To be honest, I hold them at a higher regard as opposed to material gifts. This Feb 14, don’t forget to tell your partner how much he means to you. Don’t know where to start? List down reasons on why you love him to get the words flowing. Here are more tips for your DIY love letters for him!

16. 7 Anti Valentine’s Day

Anti Valentine's Day | DIY Valentine's Day Ideas Your Partner Will Love
image via image via studio diy

Not a fan of Valentine’s day or think that it’s just too overrated? Throw an anti-V-day party with your friends! Stick to the theme by keeping everything unified. Go all out with your anti-Valentine’s day party with this guide.

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17. 25 Unique and Easy Valentine’s Day Cards and Grams You Can Make

Check out 214 DIY Valentine's Day Ideas To Do With The Ones You Love at
image source

These ideas are just too cute, your loved ones will be smiling from ear to ear. Get out your craft scissors and construction paper, and start decorating those valentine grams!

Looking for more Valentine’s day ideas? Watch this video from Idunn Goddess.

Writing this article sure made me excited for all the gifts I’m bound to make! I can’t help it, ladies. I’m a sucker for celebrations, big or small. This Valentine’s day, I’m making it a point to spoil the people I love. But hey, who’s to say that the gift giving has to end after Valentine’s day is done? Why not show and give love 365 days in a year?

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Have a beautiful Vday ahead, ladies!


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