Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Brighten up your home in more ways than one with any of these stunningly beautiful pendant lighting projects. These projects are all made from recycled items and are all super easy to make–they won’t break the bank!

Pendant Lighting Projects From Recycled Items

Great pendant lighting amplifies the style and character of any room. Designer pendant lighting can be very pricey, but with the help of a little DIY magic, you’re sure to replicate that designer look at less cost. If you like the idea of saving money on your lighting by recycling something you may already have, you’d better check out these ingenious DIY pendant lighting ideas.


1. Mason Jar Pendant Light

Mason Jar Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via diyprojects

Mason jars are no longer new trendy–they are now household mainstays due to their versatility. This very easy tutorial transforms your mason jars into a charming pendant lighting.


2. Tin Can Pendant Lights

Tin Can Pendant Lights | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via shelterness

Want to hang some lights above your dining table or kitchen table? Your search ends with some large tin cans you may already have lying around your garage or attic. With just a bit of paint, transform those huge metallic items into a wonderful drum pendants. Easy, simple, and you will barely break a sweat on this ingenious project.


3. Branch Pendant Light

Branch Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via decor8blog

Nature really is the perfect source of reusable material. Who would have thought a simple branch could add a Scandinavian touch to your home light fixture? You’ll have endless possibilities with this branch pendant light.


4. Drum Shade Pendant Light

Drum Shade Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via makelyhome

This drum shade pendant light really rocks! Great for a teen’s bedroom! So, if you got drum kit lying somewhere in your storage you’d better consider this kind of transformation.


5. Cardboard Pendant Light

Cardboard Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via sugarandcloth

There are tons of ways to put cardboard to good use and this cardboard pendant light is a very innovative take. Simply create a modern version of an outdoor lantern using your cardboard, add a pop of vibrant color, open up a pendant light kit, then voila!



6. Globe Pendant Light

Globe Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via apartmenttherapy

This is a pretty trendy design, too eye-catching not to try. Let the world shine light down on your family–how’s that for an eclectic conversation piece?


7. Garden Basket Pendant Lights

Garden Basket Pendant Lights | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via downtoearthstyle

A metallic finish can bring a handsome industrial appeal to any room. Wire cage-styled pendant lighting comes at a heavy price, but these garden basket pendant lights offer the same appeal without being pricey. It’s easy, cheap and recycled!


8. Tulle Pendant Lamp

Tulle Pendant Lamp | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via craftynest

Your Disney Princess will rejoice if you add this tulle pendant lamp to her bedroom or playroom. It is definitely adorable and unique, a must have for a little princess.


9. Utensil Holder Pendant Light

Utensil Holder Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via takethesidestreet

This is the kind of IKEA hack you’ll love to recreate. Grab a lamp cord kit and a spray paint to transform an old utensil holder into a cool pendant light. And the best part is, you can easily change the light’s color to go with the trends and seasons.


10. Turbine Pendant Light

Turbine Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via designsponge

Who would have known that an old turbine from roof vents has so much potential? Old turbines found a new lease on life as a pendant light that hints at a bit of modern and industrial farmhouse style.


11. Wine Bottle Pendant Light

Wine Bottle Pendant Light | DIY Pendant Lighting Projects
image via adventuresincreating

Working with wine bottles requires a bit of care, however, this wine bottle pendant light is a true beauty you can’t ignore. Experiment a bit, use white wine bottles for a cleaner appeal and red wine bottles if you want a more soothing effect.


Still got time for one more DIY pendant lighting idea? Check out this video from Elyasaf shweka:

There are plenty of different things that can be used to create pendant lighting. It is probably the easiest kind of ceiling light to DIY utilizing items readily available at home. So what are you waiting for? Pick one from this list and look around your house, you might have the supplies just waiting for their chance to shine! Good luck!


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